Update a device record

Update a device in the Meshblu device registry. In order to update a target device, your connection must be authenticated as a device that is in the target device's configure.update whitelist. See the Meshblu whitelist documentation for more information.

Event: "update", query, callback

  • query/update Both the query and update object. Must contain at least a uuid. Other than the listed exceptions, all other parameters will overwrite the device in the registry.
    • uuid UUID of the device to update. If omitted, it defaults to the UUID of the authenticated connection.
  • callback Function that will be called with a result.
    • result Object passed to the callback.
      • uuid The uuid of the device that was updated.
      • status Status code of the update operation. Will always be 200, even if the update did not happen.


Risk of Overwrite

v1.0 of update does not allow for atomic updates using the '$' prefix operators. This means you may run into the classic Read Write race condition. See the HTTP or XMPP APIs if you need of that functionality.

Successful Response

  "uuid": "78159106-41ca-4022-95e8-2511695ce64c",
  "status": 200

Error Response

  "uuid": "i-made-this-uuid-up",
  "status": 200