Event: config

The config event is emitted whenever a device is updated. Use the conn.subscribe API to subscribe to config events. In order to receive config events from a device, your connection must be authenticated as a device that is in the target device's configure.sent whitelist. See the Meshblu whitelist documentation for more information.

  • device Meshblu device that was modified
    • uuid Uuid of the device that was modified

Example config

When a device is updated, the config event payload will look like this:

  "meshblu": {
    "version": "2.0.0",
    "whitelists": {},
    "hash": "9OAPxo5Yq1oTYNi1szGVBBlg4xuIVni47k8JhHYlXFk="
  "uuid": "78159106-41ca-4022-95e8-2511695ce64c",
  "foo": "bar"